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Included with all of our Website Care Plans

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here are so many factors that impact speed that can cause you a headache(s).
Our friends at Google shared: “You may have heard that here at Google we’re obsessed with speed, in our products and on the web.

Every second matters!

Graphical illustration showing that a one-second delay in mobile load times could potentially reduce mobile conversions by up to 20%, according to a google/soasta research study.

As a result, we want to ensure your website loads in a split second. The entire website!!! We actually run a website speed test for mobile and desktop.

There are so many factors that impact speed that can cause you a headache(s). We want to prevent you reaching for the aspirin and thus a website manager will take care of all of that for you as it is included with all of our website maintenance packages.

For example, your website manager will ensure to optimize all your images before your website goes live. One of the oversights that we usually see when conducting website migration services is that the images were never optimized!

That is a big NO NO!

The site might be beautiful on the front end but once the search engines look behind the curtains and see that the images have not been optimized your site can be sent to the penalty box.

What does this mean to you? Well, your competitor most likely will beat you out for that prospective customer.

BTW, we run initial speed tests with whatever Website Package you choose. Those milliseconds matter… Yes, we measure in milliseconds. 🙂

Bar chart comparing website speed and performance: highlighting the significant gap between the ideal load time and the actual performance of web pages for user engagement.

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