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Experience the comfort of streamlined digital services with MakeThingsNew.

Our Website Maintenance Packages are designed to keep your website’s operation smooth and reliable. Depend on our web hosting and maintenance services to protect your online space, while our custom website design and management services enhance your brand’s digital impact.

With our SEO Maintenance, remain prominently placed in the competitive online environment. For independent business owners and professionals, we are your dedicated ally for complete digital confidence.

What we do

Get More time to Yourself with one of our Digital Marketing Packages

Website Hosting and Maintenance

All our website maintenance plans naturally include dedicated server to support premium hosting, website optimization services, backups and much more.

Website Design Package

You own your website and it is customized to your desire. It does not go live without your final approval!

SEO Maintenance

All our website maintenance plans and website design packages ensure your website is technically optimized for Google before you go live with us. Essentially, you are getting an SEO Starter Package.

Website Optimization Service

If you are looking for predictable sales growth in the long run, then we would suggest working that you consider a Custom SEO Plan

CRM and Email Marketing for Small Business

Whether your desire receiving an automated email when a prospect fills out your contact form or an automated email marketing…we got you covered!

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a dedicated team of customer service people that are available 9-5 Chicago time. They will contact you within the next business day.

All our clients with a website maintenance plan have their website’s assets updated weekly. Sometimes more then once if there is an urgent update or a special opportunity to optimize the website occurs (e.g. New WordPress Version).

Charging for the hosting would be nickle & diming our clients.

We also firmly believe to get the results we desire for our clients, you must use a premium dedicated hosting servic. Thus we essentially rolled into our website maintenance packages.

We have yet to charge anyone a setup or migration fee.

Only anticipate there possibly being a migration fee if there is a significant amount of custom coding on your website. So far, we have not ran into that.

Absolutely, we have done it several times.

First, we want to make you aware that we do a significant amount of work (about 46 tasks) to ensure your site meets our SEO Readiness standards and security.

We only work with US based businesses and so our goal is to do our best to have it completed before 9 a.m. Chicago time. We will provide you a communication along the way.

We only work with independent business owners based in the United States.

We only want to partner with owners that have businesses that mean more to them then JUST making money.

We have been doing business with Jim’s team since 2012. The things I most appreciate about them is that I can count on them for all my digital needs and more.

Martin Doan – Owner of multiple businesses


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