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Top Email Marketing Packages: Best Services for 2024

By Jim Traister
Table of Contents
Email Marketing Services in 2024 for Small Business

Finding the right email marketing service can be hard. Did you know email users worldwide hit 4.4 billion by 2024? This article will guide you through top picks for email marketing in 2024, making your choice easier.

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Email marketing is very important because it can reach a lot of people. In 2024, there were 4.48 billion email users. Emails can also make customers want to buy more than social media posts do.
  • There are many ways to package email marketing services in 2024. They include creating strategies, setting up email lists, using good tools like ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, designing emails, and sending campaigns out.
  • The pricing for email marketing services varies. You can pay by the hour or choose packages that are already set up or fully managed by experts.
  • Adding SMS messages to your email campaigns can help you connect with even more people and make more money for your business.

What is the Importance of Email Marketing Important?

Email marketing stands out as a powerful tool for business owners. It helps you reach more people than social media can. With nearly 4.48 billion email accounts in 2024, your message has the potential to touch many lives and businesses across the globe.

Unlike posts on social platforms, an email lands directly in a person’s inbox, making communication personal and direct.

How Effective is Email Marketing for growing a small business?

Email marketing can be a very effective tool for reaching and engaging with customers. It allows businesses to directly communicate with their target audience in a personalized and cost-effective way.

However, it is important to ensure that the emails are relevant, engaging, and provide value to the recipients in order for it to be successful.

Additionally, businesses should comply with email marketing regulations and best practices to avoid being perceived as spammy. Overall, when done correctly, email marketing can be a valuable strategy for businesses to connect with their customers and drive conversions.

This digital solution method also shines in driving conversions—far better than tweets or other brief messages from social apps.

What is the typical open rate for email marketing campaigns?

For every average click-through rate of about 3% from emails, tweets only manage a meager 0.5%.

That’s huge! It means that carefully crafted emails can lead to more sales and engagement with your small business’s brand or services. And if you’re looking for solid results for your clients while aiming for recurring revenue through digital marketing efforts, then mastering email campaigns is key! Now let’s dive into how to package these services effectively.

How can I begin to do email marketing for my small business?

To package email marketing services, you need to develop a solid strategy. This includes setting up email lists and integrations, utilizing reliable tools, designing templates, creating campaigns, and setting up automated customer journeys.

Email marketing strategy development

Why should you ask what is your goal before creating an email marketing strategy?

Asking “what is your goal” before creating an email marketing strategy is crucial because it helps tailor the campaign to achieve specific objectives, whether increasing sales, enhancing brand awareness, or engaging customers. Understanding the goal ensures the strategy aligns with business needs, leading to more effective and measurable outcomes.

These questions help ensure that the email marketing strategy is well-planned, targeted, and aligned with your small business’s goals and resources.

Make Things New
Category Questions
General Objectives What do I want to achieve with this email campaign?

How does this email campaign align with my overall business goals?
Target Audience Who is my target audience for this email campaign?

What are the demographics and interests of my email subscribers?
Customer Engagement How can I increase engagement with my customers through this email campaign?

What kind of content will resonate most with my audience?
Sales Goals Am I looking to boost immediate sales or build long-term customer relationships?

How will I measure the impact of this campaign on sales?
Brand Awareness How can this email campaign help increase brand awareness?

What unique aspects of my brand should be highlighted in this campaign?
Content Strategy What type of content will be included in the emails (e.g., newsletters, promotions, product updates)?

How often should I send emails to my subscribers?
Performance Metrics What key performance indicators (KPIs) will I use to measure the success of the campaign?

How will I track and analyze the performance of the emails?
Resource Allocation Do I have the necessary resources (time, budget, tools) to execute this email marketing strategy effectively?

What tools or platforms will I use to manage and automate my email campaigns?
Legal and Compliance Are my email campaigns compliant with legal regulations such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM?

How will I ensure that my email list is up-to-date and includes only subscribers who have opted in?
Long-term Strategy How does this email campaign fit into my long-term marketing strategy?

What follow-up actions will I take based on the responses to this email campaign?

Creating an email marketing strategy means setting goals and planning content. First, identify what you want from your email campaigns. Do you want more website visits? More sales? Next, plan what kind of emails to send out.

This could range from newsletters to special offers. It’s crucial to understand what your audience likes.

Digital marketing agencies can help with this process by offering their expertise in goal-setting and content planning. They use tools like automated communication software and design programs to create engaging emails that fit your business needs.

After planning the strategy, it’s time to focus on building your email list and making sure everything works together smoothly—moving on to setting up email lists and integrations next.

Which tool is best for email marketing?

Reliable email marketing tools are crucial for creating and dispatching engaging campaigns. They underpin the success of your marketing efforts, driving customer engagement and boosting revenue.

You can easily craft personalized emails, enhance content creation through drag-and-drop features, and leverage real-time analytics to refine your strategies without complexities.

Here are some questions that a small business owner should consider, determining which email marketing tool is best for their needs:

Make Things New
Category Questions
Budget What is my budget for email marketing tools?

Are there any hidden costs or additional fees associated with the tool?
Features What features are essential for my email marketing strategy (e.g., automation, templates, analytics)?

Does the tool offer A/B testing and segmentation capabilities?
Ease of Use Is the tool user-friendly and easy to navigate for someone with my level of technical expertise?

Does the tool offer drag-and-drop email builders and customizable templates?
Integration Can the tool integrate seamlessly with my existing CRM, e-commerce platform, and other software?

Does it support integrations with social media platforms and other marketing tools I use?
Customer Support What kind of customer support is available (e.g., live chat, email, phone support)?

Are there resources like tutorials, webinars, and FAQs to help me learn how to use the tool?
Scalability Will this tool be able to grow with my business as my email list and marketing needs expand?

Are there any limitations on the number of emails I can send or the size of my subscriber list?
Reporting and Analytics Does the tool provide detailed analytics and reporting features to track the performance of my campaigns?

Can I easily access and understand metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates?
Deliverability What measures does the tool take to ensure high deliverability rates for my emails?

Does it offer spam testing and email verification features?
Reputation What are the reviews and ratings of this tool from other small business owners?

Are there any case studies or success stories from businesses similar to mine?

By using robust platforms like we do with ActiveCampaign as part of your marketing arsenal, you can streamline processes such as email design, automate campaign management, improve targeting via segmentation capabilities—all essential aspects when seeking more than just an average service from a dedicated tool.

Designing and developing email templates

When it comes to email marketing, designing and developing email templates is crucial. Using tools, agencies can create visually appealing templates that align with the client’s brand and messaging.

These templates help in crafting engaging and impactful email campaigns, which are essential for driving business results and ensuring client satisfaction.

ActiveCampaign email template

credit: ActiveCampaign Example Template

ActiveCampaign email template

credit: ActiveCampaign Example Template

The design process should consider elements such as responsive layouts, eye-catching visuals, compelling CTAs, and personalized content. This approach ensures that the emails resonate with the target audience across various devices and platforms while effectively communicating the intended message.

How to write a marketing email?

Transitioning from designing and developing email templates, the next crucial step in your email marketing journey is creating and sending campaigns. This involves crafting compelling content, selecting the right audience segments, and scheduling timely email sends.

Utilize tools such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact or a hire a Digital Agency such as MakeThingsNew to design visually appealing emails with captivating subject lines and engaging content. Segment your customer lists based on their behaviors and preferences, ensuring that each campaign resonates with its intended recipients.

By leveraging features like A/B testing, you can refine your campaigns for optimal performance based on data-driven insights.

Once your campaigns are ready to go, use automation tools like ActiveCampaign or HubSpot to schedule sends at opportune moments when engagement is high. Ensure that comprehensive tracking mechanisms are in place to monitor open rates, click-through rates, and conversions accurately so that you can continually improve future campaign effectiveness.

Automated customer journey setup

When setting up an automated customer journey, you can create triggers that prompt specific actions. This allows for personalized and timely interactions with your leads and customers, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

Leveraging marketing automation tools like ActiveCampaign can streamline this process by enabling the automatic delivery of targeted content based on user behavior or other predefined criteria.

What are some examples of an automated customer journey to be considered?

Example setup of an automated customer journey with triggers for personalized and timely interactions:

  • Welcome Email Trigger: Automatically send a welcome email to new subscribers immediately after they sign up, providing them with a warm introduction to your brand and useful information about what to expect next.
  • Abandoned Cart Reminder: If a customer adds items to their cart but doesn’t complete the purchase, trigger a reminder email after a set period, offering assistance or an incentive (like a discount) to encourage them to complete their purchase.
  • Post-Purchase Follow-Up: After a customer makes a purchase, trigger a follow-up email thanking them for their purchase, providing order details, and suggesting related products they might be interested in.
  • Re-Engagement Campaign: For customers who haven’t interacted with your emails or made a purchase in a certain timeframe, trigger a re-engagement email offering a special deal or asking for feedback to bring them back to your brand.
  • Birthday or Anniversary Email: Use date-based triggers to send personalized emails on a customer’s birthday or the anniversary of their first purchase, offering them a special discount or gift to make them feel valued and appreciated.

These automated triggers help maintain a personalized connection with customers, enhancing their overall experience and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Incorporating such tools into your email marketing strategy will help nurture leads and drive them through the sales funnel more efficiently.

What pricing models do email marketing platforms offer?

Explore various pricing options for email marketing services, including hourly rates, pre-packaged setups, and full-service packages. To dive deeper into this topic, continue reading our comprehensive guide.

Hourly rates

Hourly rates for email marketing services can range from $75 to $200 per hour, depending on the provider and the scope of work. It’s important to consider that more specialized services or those offered by top-tier agencies may have higher hourly rates.

Private consultants typically charge lower hourly rates, but their level of expertise might vary. When deciding on a service provider, make sure to assess their track record and expertise in email marketing specifically.

Marketers have observed a 760% revenue growth from segmented email campaigns. Additionally, mobile open rates constitute 46% of total email openings, with 35% of business professionals accessing emails using mobile devices.

Pre-packaged setups

Pre-packaged setups offer ready-made email marketing solutions, saving time and effort. These packages include pre-designed templates, automated campaigns, and customer journey setup.

Additionally, they incorporate tools for managing subscriber lists and integrating with other platforms. This option streamlines the process of getting started with email marketing without the need for extensive technical knowledge or resources.

With pre-packaged setups, businesses can access a range of essential features in a cost-effective manner and launch their email marketing efforts efficiently. Furthermore, these packages provide a convenient way to kickstart effective communication strategies through tailored templates and automated workflows.

Full-service packages

When it comes to full-service packages, email marketing agencies offer comprehensive solutions that cover everything from strategy development to campaign execution. These packages often include personalized customer journey setup, automated email sequences, and expert guidance on optimizing deliverability rates for your emails.

You can also expect hands-on support for creating engaging email templates and leveraging advanced analytics tools to maximize the impact of your campaigns.

Furthermore, these full-service packages tailor towards lead generation or e-commerce objectives, offering bespoke strategies designed to enhance your marketing efforts. With robust tools available under these packages, businesses can unlock secrets to effective targeting, content personalization, and increasing engagement with their audience.

This table helps a small business owner explore and compare various pricing options for email marketing services effectively.

Here’s are some questions a small business owner should ask regarding various pricing options for email marketing services:
Make Things New
Category Questions
Hourly Rates What is the hourly rate for email marketing services?

How many hours are typically required for setting up and managing an email marketing campaign?

Are there any minimum or maximum hour requirements for the service?

Can I get an estimate of the total cost based on my specific needs and campaign complexity?

What services are included in the hourly rate (e.g., strategy development, template design, list management)?
Pre-Packaged Setups What pre-packaged email marketing options do you offer?

What is included in each pre-packaged setup (e.g., number of emails, templates, automation workflows)?

Are there any additional costs or add-ons that I should be aware of?

How flexible are the packages in terms of customization to fit my specific business needs?

Can you provide case studies or examples of businesses that have used these pre-packaged setups successfully?
Full-Service Packages What does a full-service email marketing package entail?

What is the pricing structure for a full-service package?

What ongoing support and services are included (e.g., campaign management, performance analysis, optimization)?

How often will I receive reports and updates on campaign performance?

Are there any long-term contracts or commitments required for full-service packages?
Comparing Pricing Models What are the pros and cons of hourly rates versus pre-packaged setups versus full-service packages?

Which pricing model is most cost-effective for a small business with my specific goals and budget?

Can you provide a detailed comparison of the costs and services included in each pricing option?
Additional Considerations Are there any hidden fees or additional charges that I should be aware of?

What is your refund policy if the services do not meet my expectations or agreed-upon results?

How do you ensure transparency and accountability in billing and service delivery?

Do you offer any discounts or incentives for long-term partnerships or referrals?

Top Email Marketing Packages for 2024

MakeThingsNew has four different email marketing plans: Basic, Fully Managed, Ecommerce Basic and our Ecommerce Fully Managed are the top email systemized marketing packages for your small business. These packages offer diverse services to meet various business needs.


Our Basic plan is an essential email marketing service tailored for small business owners looking to grow their customer base. It encompasses creating targeted email campaigns and automated customer journeys, underpinning the importance of personalized communication in today’s digital realm.

With Basic, businesses can unlock the secrets behind effective lead generation through meticulous strategy development and robust campaign management. This package not only dives into generating leads but also aims to enhance customer engagement using affordable and practical tools.

Fully Managed

Moving from our Basic Plan to a fully managed approach means letting the experts handle everything, taking the load off business owners. Agencies like us that offer fully managed lead generation services through email marketing can drive tangible results for clients.

Furthermore, these services not only enhance margins but also support recurring revenue streams.

Ecommerce Basic

Ecommerce Basic includes essential tools for online selling. It covers integrating sales platforms, managing customer data, and launching email campaigns to boost sales. With Ecommerce Basic, you can engage customers with targeted email content and track the performance of your marketing strategies in real-time.

For Independent Business Owners aiming to expand their online presence, Ecommerce Basic provides foundational support for effective email marketing tailored towards successful e-commerce ventures.

Efficiently manage customer relations and drive revenue growth by utilizing this comprehensive package designed for simplified yet impactful e-commerce engagement.

Ecommerce Fully Managed

Moving on from the essentials of Ecommerce Basic, let’s delve into the next level: Ecommerce Fully Managed. This comprehensive package takes the weight off your shoulders by handling every aspect of your online store’s email marketing needs.

From strategy development to automated customer journey setup, this service embraces everything you require for a thriving online business. It ensures that your email campaigns are expertly designed and managed, working seamlessly to boost customer engagement and drive sales.

With Ecommerce Fully Managed, your business can harness the power of email marketing while freeing up valuable time for other critical tasks.

This full-service package not only underpins customer retention but also contributes significantly to recurring revenue generation for digital marketing agencies providing these services.

Add-On Services

Enhance your email marketing with valuable add-on services. Elevate your strategy with custom digital solutions and access a range of additional tools at competitive rates.

SMS Package

SMS packages can be added to your email marketing services, extending your reach and engagement. Offering SMS packages as part of your email marketing campaigns can drive results for clients and recurring revenue for your agency.

Benefits of Investing in Email Marketing Services

Investing in email marketing services offers a multitude of benefits for independent business owners. Firstly, it provides a consistent and reliable channel to engage and nurture your customer base, leading to higher retention rates.

Secondly, with the help of advanced analytics tools, you can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts effectively.

Moreover, email marketing services aid in building brand credibility by enabling personalized communication that resonates with your audience’s needs and interests. Additionally, these services contribute to cost-efficiency as they offer scalable solutions to accommodate businesses at various stages of growth while delivering substantial returns on investment.

Incorporating email marketing enhances brand recognition as it keeps your business at the forefront of customers’ minds consistently. It also serves as an effective platform for promoting new products or services while retaining existing customers through exclusive offers and updates.

Furthermore, with strict privacy policies and adherence to data protection regulations, email marketing helps build trust among customers by demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding their information.

Remember, Email Automation Services are aimed at streamlining repetitive tasks such as sending automated emails based on user actions – this not only saves time but ensures that messages reach recipients promptly, reinforcing brand reliability.

Custom Digital Solutions for Email Marketing

Email marketing helps businesses tailor their strategies, enhance customer engagement, and increase conversion rates. With automated customer journey setup, tailored designs, and targeted content for emails, these solutions ensure effective email management.

They include drag-and-drop email editors for easy creation of visually appealing newsletters and templates designed to capture the audience’s attention. In addition to that, there are efficient tools available in the market, which agencies have earned millions by reselling.

The tools encompass cutting-edge features such as personalized marketing automation that allows businesses to craft personalized campaigns based on user behavior. Furthermore, utilizing reliable email marketing platforms with affordable pricing options can underpin successful campaigns across ever-evolving marketing channels.


In summary, mastering the art of email marketing is pivotal for businesses striving for success in 2024.

These packages offer comprehensive solutions from strategy development to campaign execution.

Employing SMS Package as an add-on service can further amplify engagement and conversion rates. Integrating these services seamlessly enhances the potential reach and effectiveness of email marketing strategies.

Elevate your market presence by leveraging custom digital solutions tailored towards enhancing user experience and driving conversions. With a keen focus on optimizing resources through affordable yet effective strategies, these packages have revolutionized the realm of email marketing services in 2024 while maintaining simplicity for seamless integration into existing marketing goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best services offer a mix of features… like automation, easy-to-use drag and drop tools, affordable prices, and robust analytics to track your success. They help you craft great emails, grow your list, and hit your marketing goals.
Yes! Many top-notch providers offer free plans – perfect for small businesses looking to get started without breaking the bank. These plans often include basic tools to create emails, send campaigns, and even some level of automation.
Email and social media marketing go hand in hand… Combining them can amplify your reach – use social media to grow your email list and vice versa; then watch as both channels support each other in driving engagement.
Look for software that’s easy to use but powerful enough to handle all your needs – from creating custom emails and managing lists to automating campaigns and analyzing results. Also, consider if they integrate well with other tools you use.
Ecommerce thrives on repeat business… Email allows you to keep in touch with customers via newsletters or targeted promotions based on past purchases – making it easier than ever to encourage repeat visits and sales.
Absolutely! While prices vary widely among services designed specifically for effective management of large-scale campaigns or more targeted efforts – there are plenty of affordable options out there that don’t skimp on features or effectiveness.